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General Terms and Conditions

1.The renter must be over 21 years old and his/her driving license to be held for at least one year.
2.The renter shall return vehicle to owner in same condition as received, in the agreed date, to location where rented or to such agreed.

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3.The driver has to comply with the traffic registration rules. All fines resulting from driver’s fault are paid by him/her. 4.The renter’s liability for damage to the rented vehicle can be reduced , under the condition that the Traffic Law is not violated by paying …………. euro per day.
5.The fuel tank has to be in the same quantity as delivered. Otherwise the renter has to pay the difference.

6.In case of accident, the renter has to report it in full details, to the owner and the police if necessary.
7.A valid credit card must be shown for the pre-authorization of the renters liability as well as the settlement of final rental charges.

Additional Coverage CDW (Collision Damage Waiver): AsAsosononasas the renter has accepted by signature the corresponding terms, he/she is
not liable for any damage to the vehicle( tyres and underbody of the vehicle are not included) provided that the vehicle is used in
accordance with the Traffic Law code and the terms of this rental agreement. Damages to tyres wheels and underside of the car are not covered from CDW. Also, theft of personal belongings is not covered.